Faeries’ Oracle deck

Faeries' Oracle deck

The Faeries’ Oracle Deck is one of my favorite decks. I use it mostly for personal divination and self-discovery. The Faeries’ Oracle Deck encourages you to have a playful mindset. The first thing you will notice about this deck is it is not like any tarot deck you have used before. The cards challenge you to meet the Faeries on their own terms. Each card is unique and represents a single faerie or a group. The cards in this deck speak to the magic in you. So prepare to find insight, wisdom, and joy as you use this deck. There are 65 cards in The Faeries’ Oracle Deck accompanied by a 205-page book, which encourages you to seek your own insight into the Faeries you will meet. However, the book also gives you the benefit of Brian Froud’s and Jessica Macbeth’s insight into the Faerie world with in-depth descriptions of the Faeries you will be meeting and what they have to tell you.

Faeries' Oracle deck



Source: Faeries’ Oracle deck [DFAEORA] – $26.00 : Magickal Products, Crystals, Tarot Decks, Incense, and More!

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