Weekly Oracle Guidance for the week of March 11 – 17, 2019 by Lady Dyanna

Weekly Oracle Guidance for the week of March 11 - 17, 2019 by Lady Dyanna


People may be speaking to you from their fear, they tell you what you wish for and hope for cannot be. Nothing is impossible. Nothing. The Blue Lady is here to tell you that your dreams have a chance of coming true. Most of all you have a chance to be truly your self rather than the diminished version others want you to be. This card encourages you to determine who you wish to be.  It does not say that if you choose to be your true self it will be easy. Instead, it tells you that falls will come, that resistance will be present but you can break through to carve out a path for your self and to light the way for other travelers. This card reminds you that you are unlimited. The impossible is simply an act of magickal will and determination

Oracle of the Dragonfae “This deck is a portal to allow them to return to our realm…” It truly is masterful art in this 43 card set. These Dragonfae cards can help access what is blocked and lost and create new pathways of sight, heart, love, and magical experience. The 164-page book contains plentiful information to add insight as the cards guide the way.

Art: Lady of the Flowers by Michele-lee-Phelan

Correspondence For Willpower: Here are a few items you can use to help you with the willpower that is needed to carve out your chosen path. Metal: Gold, – Stone: Chrysoprase, lodestone, onyx, tiger eye, – Herbs: allspice, rosemary, St John’s Wort, vervain. – Color: Red

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Lady Dyanna


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