House Happy Charm

lavender-2523620_960_720House Happy Charm 
This is a small sachet pillow stuffed with good things, an excellent gift when people newly in love move in together. All the while you’re assembling it, focus on their hopes, dreams and your bright wishes for their hearth. Make a small pillow (5×5 square) from an interesting material. Leave one end open for stuffing.
Gather, mix and empower the following herbs:
Sage and Sandalwood for blessing and protection
Lavender for domestic tranquility
Rose petals to honor their love
Vervain for bright witchery
A couple drops of cinnamon oil.
Stuff the pillow and sew the open end shut
Decorate as desired
In sacred space, dedicate it under the auspices of the Lord and the Lady.
If you’re blessing your friends home for them, including the pillow in the ritual. If they’re doing their own home blessing, offer it as a house warming gift.

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