Money Spell

Money Spell

Three Candle Money Spell
3 white candles
a writing utensil
Cinnamon Oil

Create your protective circle, then inscribe the amount of money you need on each candle anoint the candle [from the wick down] with the cinnamon oil now light the middle candle and use it to light the other two. As you light each candle focus on the amount of money you have inscribed on each candle and say: by earth air water and fire I now have the[amount of money inscribed on the candle]I desire. Now close your eyes and visualize that amount of money arriving in a check or seeing it on your bank statement. When you have finished the visualization say: ” My money is near my money is here, as I so will it so it must be immediately, and for this, I give thanks that it is so and so it is.”




Protection Ritual Kit
This boxed ritual kit contains 1 each of the following: a roll of charcoal, Protection candle, Purification Spell Mix, Protection Spell Mix, Muslin & Velveteen bags, Protection from attackers Amulet, instruction sheet. Cost includes shipping $29.95 Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

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