Creating a Protection Satchel for Your Home

The Spiritual Garden

This is part two of my Elements of Protection class that I got to teach at our local library! If you haven’t already, head over to the first post to read all about why I think protection magick is important! *Note: I apologize for not having pictures, I was out of town due to a funeral, and didn’t have time. I hope you can visualize it anyway!*

Today, we’ll be creating protection satchels for our homes using an ingredient from each of the five elements. Protection satchels are spells that are unique to not only the witch, but to the intent of the witch. For you, you might not want to create a blanket of protection, but instead have a specific idea or desire in mind. You might completely disagree with everything I’ve said in my previous post and just want to protect your domicile from intruders. There is…

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