Correspondence of Litha

Correspondences for Litha/MidSummer

Correspondence of Litha

Plants and Herbs~Anise, mugwort, chamomile, rose, wild rose, oak blossoms, lily, cinquefoil, lavender, fennel, elder, mistletoe, hemp, thyme, larkspur, nettle, wisteria, vervain ( verbena), St. John’s wort, heartsease, rue, fern, wormwood, pine,heather, yarrow, oak & holly trees

Colors~Blue, green, gold, yellow, white and red

Incense and Oils~~Heliotrope, saffron, orange, frankincense & myrrh, wisteria, cinnamon, mint, rose, lemon, lavender, sandalwood, pine

Stones~Topaz, agate, alexandrite, fluorite, moonstone, pearl, emerald, jade, lapis lazuli, diamond, tiger’s eye,

Animals and Mythical Beings~~Wren, Robin, peacock, frog, butterfly, horses, cattle, satyrs, faeries, Firebird, dragon, Thunderbird

Goddesses~~Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Venus, Aphrodite, Yemaya, Astarte, Freya, Hathor, Ishtar, all Goddesses of love, passion, beauty and the Sea, and Pregnant, lusty Goddesses, Green Forest Mother; Great One of the Stars, Goddess of the Wells

Gods~~Father Sun/Sky, Oak King, Holly King, Arthur, Gods at peak power and strength, sun, fire and fertility gods. Apollo (Greek), Baal (Phoenician), Baldur (Scandinavian), El (Semitic), Hadad (Babylonian), Helios (Greek), Hephaestus (Greek), Jupiter (Roman), Lugh (Irish), Osiris (Egyptian), Prometheus (Greek), Ra (Egyptian), Sol (Roman), Zeus (Greek)

Symbols~~The sun, oak, birch & fir branches, sunflowers, lilies, red/maize/yellow or gold flower, love amulets, seashells, summer fruits & flowers, feather/flower door wreath, sun wheel, fire, circles of stone, sundials and swords/blades, bird feathers, Witches’ ladder

Foods~~Honey, fresh vegetables, lemons, oranges, summer fruits, summer squash, pumpernickel bread, ale, carrot drinks, mead.

Activities~~Picnics, leave out food for faeries, jumping bonfires, gathering herbs.

Spellwork~~Healing, love magick, protection, purification, energy, faery

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