Attracting Companionship and Love

The desire for companionship and or love is strong in most people. Wanting to have someone to share your life with, your hopes, dreams, your success, and even your failures are part of life. We spend a great deal of time seeking that special person who fits into our lives and brings their own special sunshine. Today we can look at a ritual to help you attract the person to you that you want. This Ritual is not meant to be directed at a specific person. It is instead designed to help you become aware of what you are looking for in companionship or a love relationship, so the focus is on the character, spiritual and on shared interests you would like to see in a relationship. This is not about being Pygmalion either, I do not believe that you should seek to “create” a perfect person unless you are perfect.  So grab you a piece of paper and focus on what you want in companionship or love relationship write it down have it cleary in your mind and then let’s get started.

Attracting Companionship and Love

Ritual to attract Companionship and Love

You Will Need:
Lavender candle
Jasmine oil
Jasmine Incense
State of Mind and Concentration Needed:
Set up a space to burn your candle, place your candle in the center. Cast your circle.
Now stand quietly for a moment and visualize your space filled with a swirling golden light.[you must know what you want in a companion, not in looks but in character and spirituality, otherwise, you will attract those who are interested in you but totally unsuited.

Begin by anointing your lavender candle with the jasmine oil from wick to bottom. place it in the holder

Now Say:
“Love in all its many forms
Bless me with sweet light
Sweetness, Joy, Delight,
Brighten each new night”
Light your candle…
Now think of what your life would be like with the companion of your dreams see your self doing the things that you would like to do and sharing the things you would like to share with that companion.
When you feel happy and comfortable and positive about your life with this companion stand and face east and Say:
“The full moon rises over the hill
Now lead me with your Loving Will
Grant me joy and my wishes fill.”
End your Ritual
Close your circle and leave your candle in a safe place to burn out.

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