How to Craft a Scrying Mirror

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Have you ever heard of Nostradamus?

Born in France in the 1500’s, Nostradamus, otherwise known as Michel de Nostradame, became famous for his many prophesies and astrological predictions.

Throughout his life as a seer, he published over 6,000 separate revelations, detailing in no chronological order many events some believe have truly come to pass. Plagued with the fear that The Church would crucify him for heresy, Nostradamus coded his prophecies in poems, anagrams, mixed languages, and other difficult to translate tricks, making it debatable whether he was actually a prophet, or just a nut case.

Nostradamus by son Cesar

In modern times, he’s considered a notable study- sending many a witch to explore the gift he claimed to possess. Several books have been written about him, from those that seem to debunk his prophesies to those that hail him as the greatest seer of all time, yet, no one can…

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