The Gift: A Solstice Spell

The gift
From the union between God and Goddess come many things great and small, but one of the most powerful gifts from that union is Divine Love that is shared with all creations.
To partake of that Gift
You will need:
1 white candle to represent you, 1 red candle to represent the God one Green candle to represent the Goddess.
Rose and Sandalwood Incense
If you desire  create your circle
Now light your candles green then red.
Now hold the white candle in your hand and visualize the love of god and goddess permeating the white candle and you. Now light the white candle and place it between the red and the green candle
Now chant: 3 times
“Divine Love surrounds me
Divine love Guide Me
Divine Love Protects Me
Divine Love Fills Me both Physically and Spiritually.”

[stand or sit until you feel the love wrapping around you feel it filling your physical being flowing through you. When you feel completely saturated with Divine Love.
Direct it outward to the north, south, east and west, above and below you and say “I share Divine Love gladly with this reality and all of humanity.” If you know someone who would benefit from a “dose” of divine love direct it to them. Sit quietly and enjoy the feel of unity with all things that come with Divine Love.
When you are done you may put your candle out and keep it for another time when you feel the need to feel Divine Love completely encompassing you and your life.

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