A Simple Series: Witchcraft and Magic Part 8 — the heathen hedgewitch

We all love a good book, don’t we? So many people on this path love journals and notebooks, but do we really ever use all of the ones we have bought over the years? The short answer, sometimes. Over the years I have started so many different grimoires that I literally lost count. I never did finish a single one of those. I still have a few, and I am sure there are more in storage, but the point is sometimes you just don’t use the written word to keep track of your work. Sometimes you just one off Workings and don’t even bother writing them down – don’t do this! This is a bad habit! Write. It. Down. Date it. Do updates on the Workings, write about results, write about feelings. If you think you’ll remember it, chances are you won’t and you’ll beat yourself up later because you didn’t write it down.

Get a regular notebook or cheap journal and just scribble away. I use a Minimalism Art brand journal, which I believe is designed for stuff like bullet journaling. I’m almost done with my first one, and have already started setting up my second.

If you like to be organized, might I suggest a three ring binder? I’ve had one of those too, because I used to go through super organized phases where everything, and I mean everything, had to be separated into folders and files and sections, color coded and labelled. I might have lost that binder, but man did I love it while I was using it.

And don’t worry about buying some big and beautiful book of shadows or handmade grimoire – if it is pretty or expensive, you probably won’t use it because you’ll be too afraid to tarnish it with possible mistakes.

Your first magical tome should be a WORKING book, not the finished product. It should be filled with notes and scribbles and cross-outs and ripped pages and all the beautiful trappings of a first draft. As you grow in your Craft and you see what works for you and what doesn’t, then MAYBE you could put it into a big and beautiful journal – but the lovely thing about this path is that it changes, and you grow. Every day you grow and things that meant something or worked for you yesterday may not be all that hot for you today.


via A Simple Series: Witchcraft and Magic Part 8 — the heathen hedgewitch


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