Tools of Magick: The Wand

Tools of Magick: The Wand

Magic practitioners use wands to draw circles of energy/power that separate the physical world from the magical or spiritual world. The Magick wand acts as an extension of the practitioner’s body. Associated with the East and the Air Element.  There are as many different types of wands as there are magickal practitioners. There are wood wands, crystal wands, wands of metal and clay too. The wand is usually no longer than the length of your forearm. Considered the most ancient of tools, the wand is used to direct energies; to receive and send energetic patterns from the spiritual to the material plane.

The wand can be used to store energy or even hold a magickal charge. In choosing your wand you may buy one that has the qualities that you are seeking or you may make your own. If you choose to make your wand from wood you should choose the wood-based upon the purpose of your wand. A few of the popular woods used in wand making are willow, oak,  apple, Beech, Rowan, and Birch. Each of these trees offers specific qualities to the wand.

Willow: Flexibility, enchantment, dreams, water power, the stars, astral travel, and inspiration.

Oak: Forest King, endurance, fertility, ancestry, love, faery tree, longevity, rebirth.

Apple: Prophesy, love, associated with Avalon, youth, romance, creativity, and healing.

Beech: Divination, vision, insight

Birch: Goddess tree, new beginnings, birth, rebirth, new ventures

Rowan: Sorceress’/Sorcerer’s tree, enchantment, spellcasting, witch and faery associations. 

There are other trees that you can acquire a wand from so do your research and find one that resonates with you.

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