Witchcraft 101: Magick Is What You Make It, or Is It?

The Spiritual Garden

If you were to go back to your newbie witch self, what piece of advice would you give them?

The number one question I receive from those new to the craft is “can I?” Whether it be from using a certain crystal in a particular way, to leaving out a certain ritual in their practice, newbies are convinced that there’s a particular set of rules when it comes to witchcraft.

When I first started, I collected every book I could on Wicca. The more I read, the more confused I grew. Not because of the tradition of the religion itself, but because it didn’t mesh with what I felt deep within myself.

I wanted to be free. I wanted to explore my spirituality without restriction. I wanted to know my inner self in a deep and profound way, through my own experience, not someone else’s.

For some, that sounds like…

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