Friendship Spell

In keeping with Friday, magick I am posting a friendship spell. This is an excellent spell to do on Fridays. If you want to know what other spells to do on Friday check Ravenhawk’s Ezine Weekly Spell Casting.

In friendship, we discover how to be with each other as well as who we truly are as individuals. This spell will offer you support in attracting, nurturing and sustaining new and magickal relationships. If you are dissatisfied with your current friendships, this spell may help you to disengage peacefully, opening up space for healthy new connections to grow. This spell will help clear the way for health and love to enter existing relationships or help you move on to relationships that you can truly grow within.

You will need a candle, at least three jingle bells, three pieces of rose quartz, three lengths of green ribbon, sandalwood oil, rose geranium oil, orange oil, rose oil and patchouli Blend one drop patchouli and three drops of each of the other oils with a base oil of your choice to create an anointing oil for your candle. Take your ingredients into your sacred space and visualize a circle of green light glowing around you. Anoint your candle, visualize friendships growing all about you, strengthening, becoming peaceful, honest, full of joy, sharing, support, and love. Visualize them lasting and changing in positive, loving ways over time. Light your candle. Hold the three stones in your left hand and chant three times:

Bring to me friendships true
Sharing laughter, understanding, too
Goddess, now send to me
Friendships loyal, friendships free
Give and take and honor-bound
Friendships brave and so profound
I no longer feel alone
With friendships new, friendships known
Draw to me hearts so kind
That joy about me now will wind
Enduring, honest, real and strong
Friendships deep, friendships long
And by the power of the three by three
As I do will so mote it be.

Place the three pieces of rose quartz upon the altar. Take your ribbons and weave the lengths together, just as you would braid hair. While you do this, be open to whom the universe sends you so that you can be delighted and surprised. When you have woven the ribbons together loop them into a circle, so that the friendship is ever open, yet unending like a circle. Tie some bells into your circlet and then hang this on your front door, knowing it will draw new or renewed friendships into your life.

Return to your sacred space and blow out your candle, blowing the wish of friendship into the universal energy all about you. Finally, visualize your ring of green, shimmer, shine, and then slowly dissolve back into the energy of the cosmos, taking your magick out and returning to you to the power of three.

Original Source: Lucy Cavendish



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