Animal Spirit and Medicine: Owl Medicine, Totem

Good Witches Homestead


Role: Messenger

Lesson: Trust

Element: Air

Wind: North Land of the Elders/Wisdom

Medicine: Shapeshifting

All Owls are Messenger Totems and each separate breed of Owl will have Medicine that is unique to that specific Winged One while there will also be Medicine (and hence Keywords) that are also shared across all specific Owl breeds.  When looking for the particular species of Owl (e.g. Snowy, Barn, etc.,) it is important to not only consider and incorporate the keywords unique to that specific breed but to also integrate the Shared keywords as well.


Like all Bird Totems, the Owl is considered to be a Messenger Totem, responsible for carrying messages from the Blue Road of Spirit to the Red Road of Physical Life.  As such, he/she delivers omens, messages, and information from the Elders to we of the Two-Legged as we journey along this Earthwalk.


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