Thursday Correspondences

Thursday Correspondences

Thursday is named for the Norse thunder god Thor. It is a powerful day for centering, weather magick, and workings that are related to business, charity, decisions, forecasting, gambling, generosity, increase, money, opportunity, prosperity, study, success, material wealth, wealth, good luck, the lottery, and long-distance travel.

With respect to people, it is a good day for workings that are related to doctors, employers, gamblers, guardians, merchants, philosophers, politicians, psychologists, publishers, researchers, thieves, traders, and authority figures.

Jupiter/Uranus/ West/South/Center/Male/Pisces/Sagittarius

Charm: crown, sword, peacock feather, bright-blue garments, laurel crown with flowers

Incense: ash keys, benzoin, cinnamon, clove, musk, nutmeg, saffron, sage, sandalwood, storax, wood aloes, and all aromatic fruits.

Goddess: Asae Yaa, Oya

God: Aegir, Amon, Bel, Donar, Enlil, Foresti, Heimdall, Jupiter (Lord of the Sky), Ketu, Krishna, Marduk, Neptune, Njoerd, Nuadh, Perun(Lord of Thunder), Poseidon, Thor, Thunor, Zeus(Mighty Thunderer, Hurler of Lightning)

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