Samhain~Halloween Color Correspondences

Colors associated with Samhain~Halloween: Black, Brown, Gold, Orange, Red, Silver, Yellow

Samhain~Halloween Color Correspondences

Color of the Season: Orange
Planet: Sun, Mars, Mercury
Day: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Element: Fire
Chakra: Second, Spleen Chakra
Properties: controlling runaway emotions, promoting personal creativity, increasing memory, career, legal issues, healing nervous disorders, balance and neutrality, organization, travel, writing, business transactions and obtaining information. Cooperation. It can enhance the breaking of spells or bring about a quick change.
Most Important Associations: Dependency/Co-dependency/Independence. Shock. Trauma. Deep insight and ecstasy.
Symbolic Meaning: Harmony. Beauty. Art. Divinity and renunciation. (The robes of Buddhist monks are orange.) Sexuality. Trust.
Spiritual Meaning: Insight. Individuation. Devotion. The need to belong.
Mental Meaning: Wisdom. Indecision. Patience and perseverance. Deep insight. Lack of self-worth. Dependency/co-dependency/independence. Interdependence.
Emotional Meaning: Wisdom. “Gut feelings.” Spontaneous wisdom. Camaraderie. Sexuality for pleasure and joy, not with the intent to con­ceive. Hysteria. Depression. Excitement. Extraversion. Shock. Trauma. Joy. Deep delight.
Physical Associations: Ovaries. Intestines, small and large (also constipa­tion). Spleen (it is said that the color orange can bring the spleen and its function into balance). Gall bladder (often someone who has difficulties with the gall bladder cannot stand oranges). The color orange has to do with food intake and assimilation.

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