Animal Symbolism: Tiger

Life & Soul Magazine

The tiger – with her adventurous spirit – roams the jungle with fluidity, grace, and majestic charm.

Strikingly beautiful with her stripes, the tiger is the epitome of personal power, strength, courage, passion, sensuality, independence, determination, and perseverance.

The tiger’s stripes, which are unique to each and every tiger, like the zebra are symbolic of uniqueness and individuality. Tigers embrace their individuality. Just as a tiger does not hide its stripes, tiger energy urges one to be who they were born to be and to own their uniqueness.

Those with tiger energy have a strong connection with the water element. Unlike many other large cats, Tigers love the water and readily enter water to cool themselves and in the pursuit of prey. They are powerful swimmers and capable of traversing lakes and rivers.

Night hunters 

Tiger’s most efficient work is done at night when they hunt. They have a strong…

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