Yule Correspondences: Red

Yule Correspondences: Red

Color of the Season
CHAKRA= First, Root Chakra
DAY = Tuesday
Properties: Fertility rites, aphrodisiacs, sexual passion, love, health, physical strength, revenge anger, will power, courage, magnetism
Symbolic Meaning: Blood. Life. The “blood of life.” Energy. Will power. Passion for life. Abundance. Maturity. The energy that is expressed quickly in communication. Inner warmth. Rebirth (on the various levels). (Blood) sacrifice. The red rose and what it expresses—namely, love and passion. The red traffic light (warning of direct danger or punishment). Red as a symbol of brotherly love. Unity. Bondedness, but at the same time, suppression. Extremism. Grounding. Protection (but different from the protection of blue. Blue allows helpful and supportive energies from the outside in while it protects. Red offers isolating protection, shuts off the outer world, which can, in cer­tain cases, be helpful and appropriate).
Spiritual Meaning: Flame—the cleansing flame and the flame of the Divine Spirit. Objectivity. Regeneration. Sacrifice. Urge for spiritual rebirth. Spiritual energy and strength. Phoenix, that rises out of the ashes. Transformation. The potential for spiritual awakening.
Mental Meaning: Extraversion. Dominance. Authority. “Survival issues.” The material side of life. Sacrifice. Energy for change (of oneself, of others, of things, situations, etc.). Stress. Chaos. Separateness (from oneself and oth­ers, from life).
Emotional Meaning: Passion. Temperament. Aggression. Heat. Fire. Anger. Resentment. Frustration. Violence. Embarrassment. Courage. Daring. Inconsistency.
Physical Associations: Sexuality (that has to do with conception and birth. more playful form of sexuality is associated with orange). Womb. menstruation cycle. Fertility, as compared to infertility. Potency, as compared to impotence. Blood and iron. Blood circulation. The cellular structure of the body. Fever. Swellings. Stimulation of the energy flow.

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