Weekly Tarot Reading December 23- December 29, 2019 – Tarot by Lady Dyanna

Weekly Tarot Reading for the week of December 23- December 29, 2019


Weekly Tarot Reading for the week of December 23- December 29, 2019

At the beginning of this week, it is time to pull upon your deep inner strength. You may be surprised to find that as you allow your self to experience life on a more physical level it actually opens up new spiritual doorways for you and increase your personal power. Work with this now and find the balance you need to deal with your physical world and your spiritual world. If there is conflict involved deal with it from a place of compassion now, you are not giving up only finding a better way to resolve things. Don’t be shy about following your intuition and your feelings they are likely to lead you to an opportunity to enjoy yourself. Don’t pass up that invitation to a social gathering as it will be a chance for you actually do something that makes you happy. Even as you enjoy yourself with friends and family pay very close attention to your intuition as it will help you navigate what could be very emotional situations with ease. You are likely to find your self feeling really good about the things you have accomplished in the past year or even in the past decade this week. That is wonderful but don’t brag, others around you may feel the need to brag about their accomplishments however, what you have done and survived this year probably eclipse what they are bragging about. Because you have probably had a year of personal best and you are feeling on top of the world instead of bragging about it set your focus this week on your next move and on new goals for a new decade. It is time to think about new beginnings, you have achieved a lot and you have learned a lot in the past decade and in the past year. It is time to use that to move on. Move beyond thoughts of your personal quest to bigger thoughts of what you can offer the earth. You need only to remember that you have enough and that you are enough.

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