Athame: Boundaries


Your intentions have been rather hazy of late. Nor are you giving the right signals about who and what you are. In fact, do you actually even know who you are at this very moment? It’s time to finally focus and get to the point. You cannot expect to be taken seriously if you have not set your own boundaries. By not doing so, you will find that others cross the line by taking advantage of you, not respecting either your space or you. Your natural energy is being drained, drawing your attention unnecessarily to others instead of what is really important. Athame offers to cut ties with those who no longer serve your highest purpose.

You are being diverted from your path. Focus on what is truly important. Honor your beliefs and yourself. Don’t give in to the superficial demands of others. Set clear boundaries. You could benefit from energy healing.


The athame is used for the ritual purpose of casting a circle, cutting ties, directing energy, or to cut and reseal a door in a ritual circle. It is one of the four elemental magical tools used in Traditional Witchcraft. It represents the element of Fire and is the masculine principle.

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