Chalice: Fulfilment

Chalice: Fulfillment


You have a deep thirst to connect with the magick of the “Old Ways”. The overflowing desire to remember and awaken runs through your veins and speak to your very soul. Your quest has led you to scour the pages of books in order to learn rituals, spells, properties of herbs, and the traditional ways of yesteryear. The idea of covens, to be initiated into the power of a group of like-hearted others, stirs your interest. Yet your natural solitary side encourages you to step away from the views and opinions of others, to take your own path towards that which you seek. Drink from the chalice that stands before you, for your search is almost over. Instead of seeking all that you require elsewhere, Chalice shows you that the fulfillment you seek is, and always have been, inside you. You are the one true vessel that is waiting to be filled. Now drink!

Your search is a form of procrastination. Be open to your true self and follow your intuition. You are nearly there, don’t quit. something that has been missing will turn up. Work with the element of water. Check-in with your intuition.



The Chalice represent water and is one of the four elemental tools that a Witch uses. A symbol of unity of the coven it is passed around the circle to drink of blessed water or wine during ritual. Associated with the Moon and the goddess the name “chalice” stems back to the legend of the Holy Grail but goblets have been used in ritual for thousands of years.

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