Witchcraft for Banishing


Witchcraft for banishing unwanted persons and situations from your life.

Every now and then, the average witch will need to banish something or someone from their life and also spiritually / magickally cleanse themselves, their home and/or property.

It could be anything from a negative person, energy or situation that needs to be removed.

Banishing is somewhat synonymous and can be paired with cleansing magick.

Let’s cover what banishing magick entails first:

Banishing magick is done when you want to remove a negative influence, behaviour, habit or situation from your life.

Banishings can also be done to remove people from your life also.

When performing a banishing, it’s important to consider the reason why and if you want the banishment to be permanent or temporary.

When tempers flare, it’s too easy and quick to simply want to banish something or someone from your life when the situation or problem may soon pass temporarily.

Honest reflection and a cool head are…

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