Wand: Intention

Goddess Wand



You are making things too difficult. Instead of looking at what everyone else is doing, hone your own talents. There is no point in comparing yourself to others and worrying that you aren’t as good. The path you walk is yours alone. The intentions in your heart and mind lead the way. Wave your wand and allow the magic to unveil the criticism that cloaks your senses. Let magic shower over you and see through the eyes of your higher self. The ability to concentrate fully on your intention, without interruption, is the single most important faculty a Magick user can achieve in order to assure the intended magical outcome. Practice this art so that you can use your wand with the utmost clear intention and focused concentration. By doing so you will find that most of your magickal work is completed before you even begin.g

Decide what it is you really want. Make your intentions clear. Focus on your visions. Practice concentration. Make a decision and focus on the outcome you desire. Craft your own wand. Use intention with harm to none. Beware of the intentions of others.



Wands are used for casting a circle, pointing and directing energy, they are also used for healing and casting spells. It is the tool of the direction of the Est and the element of Air.

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