Remove Bad Luck and Entities

The upcoming Sabbat is a good time to do house cleaning both physically and spiritually. Here is a simple way to expel bad luck energies from you and your home.

Remove Bad Luck Energy and Entities

Expelling Bad Luck Entities and Energy from home
The first thing to do is clean the vibrations in your space.
Take a small amount of salt in one hand and hold the other hand over it and ask your chosen deity to bless and fill it with Divine Love. Now sprinkle a few grains of the salt in every corner and closet of the house. For your personal cleansing use a bit of sea salt in your bath. It will help with cleansing your aura. To help keep these entities out of your space burn patchouli or frankincense for three days and ask that good luck and good fortune return to your life. You may add a talisman to help keep your energy positive. That can be a crystal or Thor’s Hammer etc.. Run it through the incense smoke before you put it on. Supplies can be found here if you need them.


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