Taurus Season Tarot Spread


Explore what's ahead for you in Taurus season with the Taurus Season Tarot Spread. #astrology #tarot #taurus

It’s Taurus season now!

How can we utilize the most of this season and make the best of this earthy aspect of Venus?

In tarot, Taurus is associated with The Hierophant while Venus is associated with The Empress.

Both of these archetypes embody the qualities of Venus in that they both care for others in their own ways.

The Hierophant which is Taurus is built upon tradition and foundations, teachings and structures that society and belief is built upon.

It’s no wonder that these material and earthly foundations of society’s beliefs of what’s good and what’s bad, what’s moral and immoral founded in the 2nd house in astrology has its opposite interpretation in Scorpio located traditionally in the 8th house.

Many people may be uncomfortable with the historical idea of The Hierophant.

However, when one develops their own understanding (and not having to agree or subscribe to it), The Hierophant…

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