Witchcraft: A discussion on what it means to be a witch

Mary Shannon

The concept of being a witch is gaining popularity again and with it the common stereotypes abound. What do you picture when you think of a witch? Is it the lone individual who trumps out into the forest to commune with nature? Is it the coven that gathers every full moon to perform a ritual and chant in harmony? 

The thing about being a witch is that you do not have to conform to any specific stereotype. Being a witch isn’t about looking a certain way or who you are friends with, instead it is about how you think and how you go about manifesting what you desire.

I’ve written about witches before giving you my definition of what witchcraft really is and my belief is that on some level we are all witches, just with varying degrees of concentration and power. 

Witchcraft is simply manifesting 101 with some basic…

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