Monthly Tarot Reading June 2020, -Tarot by Lady Dyanna

Monthly Tarot June 2020

Monthly Tarot Reading June 2020, -Tarot by Lady Dyanna
The General atmosphere for the month of June indicates time to celebrate your accomplishments. You have had success in your journey take time to honor your hard work. This is the completion of some stage in your life. For most this is the easing of the stay home, work from, home shelter in place that has been ongoing for what seems like months You are advised to celebrate your self, it may not seem like a big thing but you handled things in the past months that you did not think possible and came through more aware of your strengths than ever. Take a moment and make a big deal of it.
The first week of June is all about simplicity and authenticity. You are advised to tune in to your inner child for guidance. Be thankful for small gestures of kindness and find ways that you can brighten the life of others. You are encouraged to revive, recycle, reuse, You are likely to find current answers this week in forgotten skills, old dreams, and unfulfilled fantasies.
The second week of June deals with completion, you are moving to a new phase. If you have been working on a long term project that seems like it would never end take heart it is indeed nearing its conclusion. Whatever you have been waiting for is nearly here. The focus may be on world events this week and the impact they have upon your business/career and your finances. Again you are urged to take heart as things will continue to move in a positive direction for you in your financial endeavors. Embrace synchronicities they are your inner guidance’s way of grabbing your attention and directing you to beneficial situations, for health and wealth.
The third week of June comes with a few warnings. Don’t allow others to take advantage of you. State your convictions and don’t be browbeaten into doing what you don’t want to do. If you are negotiating a deal play your cards close to the chest and you will end up with the best deal. This week it behooves you to keep your attention sharp and rely strongly on your intellect and diplomacy to achieve what you need. Remain alert for synchronicities and do not compromise your integrity to achieve your desired goals. Whatever your plans this week for your career and finances keep your strategies to yourself until you are ready to act. On a positive note, you will get what you are entitled to but you may have to take a more convoluted route to get it.
The Last week of June is filled with opportunities and choices. Instead of feeling excited about this, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Devote much care and consideration to the choices available to you. What you desire most may be right here waiting for you to recognize it. The thing to remember is that until you pick an opportunity and begin working with it, all the opportunities remain just daydreams and castles in the air. In business and finances pay close attention to the opportunities offered and do your due diligence because they may not all be as solid as they seem. You are advised to be careful where you place your trust and money. Ultimately you are able to manifest your dreams this week by making good choices, and using creative visualization, to focus on specific goals and bring them into physical reality.


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