Monthly Tarot Reading July 2020, -Tarot by Lady Dyanna

Monthly Tarot July 2020

Monthly Tarot Reading July 2020, -Tarot by Lady Dyanna
The General atmosphere for the month of July indicates life in suspension, postponed plans, and a need to adjust your point of view. Take time to observe your environment and situation from a new perspective. As long as you try to do things the way you have always done them no movement is possible. You need to do a one-eighty in how you perceive things. Old beliefs, ideas, and ways of doing things no longer satisfy. The decisions that you have been hoping for are delayed.
The first week of July is all about taking stock. Through the honest appraisal of your needs and desires, you can attune yourself to deeper levels of awareness and take your cues from synchronicities, hunches, and impulses. Be aware that you have what it takes as long as you are still directing action towards your goals. Even if the momentum of what you are trying to achieve falters or briefly wane, keep moving. Patience pays off.
The second week of July may find you once again operating your business from home. You are currently taking steps to make working from home a reality. By fostering the belief that money is simply energy that you can manifest you are able to draw prosperity and opportunities for success. Your focus this week may be on finding financial independence among the uncertainty. Get in touch with your feelings so your intuition has room to flow. You will benefit from a break, anything to do with water will help you work off the stress.
The third week of July Indicates it really is time for a break. Whether you are having a hard time working through the current situation you find your self in or just need a fresh perspective you will benefit from a break right now. If you can not take a vacation then turn your attention to other projects that you enjoy. The time away mentally and physically will help you return to your situation renewed and possibly with fresh ideas to help things move along. Put all your concerns to one side for a moment you will emerge renewed and refreshed. Things will not continue to be slow for long.
The Last week of July May find you feeling like your security is threatened. Your mind may be focused on survival issues. Worrying is not the answer. Mobilize your energy towards what you want, focus on positive goals. Difficulty with your career brings more stress and tension. Step back and try to view the situation dispassionately. Give your self the time to think things through, review your choices with an eye to the future. Reconsider options that you may have previously rejected. Remember you are not alone. This is a time to utilize your social and spiritual connections. Pay close attention to what you have and to what assets are readily available to you now.

By the end of July, a new cycle begins for you, it ushers in calm, renewal, and healing. You are aware that everything works the way it should. The difficult choices give way to new opportunities at the end of the month.


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