Monthly Tarot Reading August 2020, -Tarot by Lady Dyanna

Monthly Tarot August 2020

Monthly Tarot Reading August 2020, -Tarot by Lady Dyanna
The General atmosphere for August indicates that you will get help with practical matters. Your career will benefit from professional contacts, expect to be validated by an influential person in your work environment. Financially even though it may appear elusive at first expect some relief in your financial concerns. Guard against focusing on material things too much, don’t get bogged down in nitpicky details. Do your best to maintain balance and approach financial things as only part of the picture. Evaluate what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled and go after it with the same energy you approach material prosperity.
The first week of August is all about learning to do what’s necessary in order to be fair to yourself and others. When decisions must be made you need to weigh all factors in order to render an equitable decision. That being said you get what you believe you deserve and experience the world as an echo of your own thoughts and actions. You may find that you need to bring your life into balance, and that may require you to take a look at your priorities. Your daily life activities may be suspended while you wait on the outcome of a decision.
The second week of August You may find you feel as if you have come to the end of your fighting powers, but you have skill and determination in reserve. That is good because you may find yourself dealing with a minor glitch or setback due to miscommunication. You may be called on to tweak the project that you thought was finished or give more details to accomplish something you desire. The waiting for things to happen this week may make you feel as if things have hit an impasse. Stay resolved and disciplined, do whatever it takes but do not waiver from your goals. You are much closer to your goals than you think.
The third week of August Indicates it is time to take stock. Evaluate your achievements and trust that the projects that you have set in motion can now move forward. Your patience and hard work are about to pay off financially. Even if the momentum of what you are trying to achieve falters, keep moving. Patience pays off. Something in your financial situation that you have given up on comes through for you. On a positive note, you begin to realize that life unfolds from the inside out instead of the other way around. An honest appraisal of your situation, at this moment, helps you break through negative beliefs and allow you to manifest results you want.
The Last week of August You begin to think and communicate differently. New ideas and beliefs encourage you to create or invent something to solve an old problem. You are able to take advantage of new opportunities. In your work environment, obsolete techniques and outmoded procedures are replaced with state-of-the-art techniques because of your innovative ideas. No matter what the odds, you get what you want this week. You will need to find ways to release the pressure of pent-up emotions, stress, and anxiety. Physical activity will serve you well at this time. Whatever activity you choose will help you bring your physical and mental energy into balance. Remember you can overcome obstacles by applying your will power and intellect to problem-solving.



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