Weekly Tarot Reading August 31, 2020 – September 6, 2020 – Tarot by Lady Dyanna

Weekly Tarot Reading for the week of August 31, 2020 – September 6, 2020

Weekly Tarot Reading August 31, 2020 - September 6, 2020 - Tarot by Lady Dyanna


This week begins with the awareness that it is time to create. Your environment offers you the abundance you need to feel nurtured and comfortable so that you can manifest your vision in the world, you have inspiration all around you. If you do find yourself having difficulties tune into your inner child. This is the place to seek guidance right now. You may find yourself thinking about your past especially your childhood from time to time this week. Remember you have made decisions that need to have your attention this week. You have set things in motion and you know what you need to do. You have the confidence to do it. However, events from the past may surface this week and you may find that you need to forgive yourself or others in order to let the past go, you can not take that energy with you and succeed at the events you have put in motion. This is an ideal time to let go of the past hurts. By mid-week things are happening fast. matters that you are currently dealing with will be resolved quickly and in a satisfactory way. Take time to be aware of what you are rushing into. If the rapid action and decisions are in line with your ultimate goals then go for it. Despite all of the movement and positive action and directions early in the week, you may find yourself feeling limited. This feeling could come from someone else’s opinion. Remember when faced with others’, opinions you still have the right to choose how you think about yourself and your life. You can use your thoughts to keep feeling limited or you can use them to cut through limitations.
You are at a point where you have the power to choose. You are not stuck with only one option. You have the ability to create an original vision for yourself. Decide your path and then set one foot in front of the other. This is about you creating your own destiny one day at a time,

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Tarot and Intuitive Readings with Lady Dyanna 

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