Communicate & Work with the Spirits of Plants & Herbs


Discover how to communicate, work with and connect to spirits of plants and herbs in witchcraft, magick and for spells. #witchcraft #magick #spells #spirits #herbalism

Herbalism is a common element of witchcraft, which dates back thousands of years when medicine was simply derived from natural ingredients found locally to healers.

Modern medicine is often derived from plants; however, more and more medicines are becoming synthetic to recreate and isolate the healing properties of these plants that have been used for healing and treatment of illnesses, infections and disorders.

Throughout thousands of years, healers, magical practitioners and witches have worked with herbs and plants, communicating and working with the spirits, essences and nature of them to discover their healing and medicinal properties.

While modern science and thinking may have us believe that these healing properties and medicines were simply discovered through trial and errors, others believe that through meditation, intuition and divine guidance that the properties of these plants and herbs was learned and recorded.

Communicate & Work with the Spirit of Plants & Herbs


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